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Estate Planning » Trusts

We Will Help You Set Up the Right Kind of Trust
A trust is often the most effective way to make lifetime gifts or to distribute the assets of your estate in the amount and manner in which you desire. The trustee is required to follow your specific instructions for accounting and administering the trust. Establishing the right kind of trust to meet your family's specific goals will mean that your success may be protected for generations.

We Handle the Complex Financial Issues That Other Firms Refer Out
Ikard Golden Jones lawyers have been helping successful families meet their estate planning needs through trusts for over 30 years. Our principals, Frank N. Ikard, Jr., Alvin J. Golden, and Jerry Frank Jones, are board certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. They have written professional articles and taught extensively on the creation and administration of trusts in Texas.

Ikard Golden Jones has experience handling the most complex aspects of trust creation and managing the risks of creating and administering a trust.

Not just knowledge gleaned from books — Hands-on experience
Our attorneys are committed to the career practice of probate, trust and estate planning law. Every Texas law relating to trusts and trust administration for the past 30 years has included the input and guidance of an attorney on our team.

If you have questions about creating a trust or modifying the terms of an existing trust, talk to our firm.

We are ready to help you with all of your trust needs:

  • The right type of trust for your family estate
  • Charitable giving trusts
  • Special needs and generation-skipping trusts
  • Modifying an existing trust
  • Trust accounting requirements
  • Rights and duties of a trustee
  • Post-mortem trust administration
  • Expert witnesses, trust law consulting

Is a Trust the Right Instrument for You?
If you have significant assets that you want to distribute according to a specific set of guidelines, establishing a trust may be your best option. A trust can also help your family avoid the financial consequences of estate taxes upon your death, and protect those assets on divorce of the beneficiary or from claims of creditors..

A trust may not be the best option for every estate. Start by talking to one of our attorneys. We will assess your goals and financial circumstances to help you decide what legal tools are best for you and your family.