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Estate Planning

Attorneys: Alvin J. Golden | Jerry Frank Jones | Katherine C. Akinc

Estate planning should concentrate on your needs and desires
Estate Planning is a process for organizing your personal and financial affairs in a manner that maximizes utility during life, assists in determining whether gifts should be made, and transmission at death. MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE ESTATE PLAN SHOULD BE DESIGNED TO CARRY OUT YOUR WISHES. We, at IGJ, tailor our planning to our client’s needs and desires by spending the time necessary to ascertain what our clients want and explaining the alternatives for accomplishing such desires. We also advise our clients as to the most tax effective ways to accomplish their goals – keeping in mind that accomplishing the client’s goals is the primary purpose of the process.

Coordination with retirement benefits
We also assist our clients in the very important integration of non-probate assets such as life insurance and retirement benefits into the estate plan.

Taxes can be an important element of your estate plan
The attorneys at IGJ keep up with the changes in the federal estate tax law by speaking at and attending at continuing legal education programs. They maintain currency in state law matters by their participation in the Council of the Real Estate, Probate and Trust Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, which is involved in the development of all legislation involving probate, trust and related matters.

We assist you in the considerations that go into your decisions
Estate Planning includes decisions as to:

  • creation of entities
  • whether to utilize Wills or Trusts (or both)
  • selection of guardians for your minor children
  • selection of fiduciaries
  • selection of persons to make financial decisions if you are unable to
  • selection of persons to make medical decisions if you are unable to.