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Estate Planning ยป Asset Protection

When Your Personal Assets Are on the Line
Asset protection involves structuring your personal assets so they are protected from liabilities whether those liabilities arise from your business conduct or your personal behavior. If you own a business or professional practice, you may have more of your personal assets at risk than you realize. Incorporating and insuring your business offers a high level of protection; however in the event of litigation, your personal assets may be in jeopardy.

Don't Wait Until You Get Sued – Protect Your Assets Now
Our attorneys offer decades of experience helping wealthy individuals and successful business owners protect their assets in the event of litigation. The time to start taking action to reduce the chance of a lawsuit is before your company faces a possible dispute.

Ikard Golden Jones will discuss your particular circumstances and your goals for managing and reducing your risks. We work with successful business owners in Austin and communities throughout central Texas. Ikard Golden Jones clients include owners of many of the most successful private businesses in the state.

We offer legal advice and representation in a full range of asset protection matters:

  • Legal disadvantages and benefits of partnerships
  • Recommendations for Limited Liability Companies
  • Business succession planning
  • Experienced representation for litigation matters

Personal Asset Protection
If something happens to you, are any assets protected for your spouse and children? Protecting your assets for your child's education and other family needs is one of the primary considerations for planning. We consider everything in the context of your family's specific situation and existing estate plan.

We can help you protect your family's assets upon your death:

  • Protection from creditors
  • Protection from unintended beneficiaries
  • Life insurance benefits protection